react-prep : Introduction to React

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Introduction to React

Here's what you will get

Test prep
Full Length Tests

Here's what you will learn

  • Defining React
  • Why React?
  • What Problems Does React Solve?
  • React Is Not Just Another Framework
  • React Concepts and Terminology
  • Summary
  • React
  • Discovering React Components
  • Understanding Component Properties and Methods
  • Component Lifecycle and Rendering
  • React Elements
  • React Factories
  • Summary
  • Why Use JSX Instead of Conventional JavaScript?
  • Using a JSX Transformer
  • How JSX Converts from an XML-Like Syntax to Valid JavaScript
  • Spread Attributes and Other Considerations for JSX
  • Summary
  • Outlining Your Application's Basic Functionality
  • Thinking in Terms of Components
  • Creating the Necessary Components for Your App
  • Testing Your Application
  • Running Your Application
  • Summary
  • What Flux Is and Why It Is Different than Typical MVC Frameworks
  • The Basic Components of Flux
  • How React and Flux Look Together
  • Summary
  • Structuring Your Application
  • Creating Dispatcher, Stores, Actions, and React Components for the Application
  • Writing Tests
  • Running the Application
  • Summary