Zend Certifications

Zend Certification exams follow acknowledged industry models to validate specialized knowledge and skills required in the present occupation and are perceived as the Industry Standard for PHP exams. The Zend Certified PHP Engineer and Zend Framework Certification programs are made and observed by an independent board whose individuals contribute intensely to PHP and Zend Framework open-source ventures. The Zend credentials cover fundamental concepts like the syntax, operators, or language builds and all the distinctive highlights of the PHP like working with files, string and array manipulation, managing sessions, cookies, and form data.

Zend certifications preparation programs cover different areas of developing applications in PHP 5.5 like Security or Arrays, Object-Oriented Programming, and PHP Basics. The Zend certificate validates basic concepts of the candidate like handling sessions, syntax, string, and array manipulation; operators or language constructs; working with files; cookies, and form data, and so on. Zend certification exam also includes comprehensive knowledge about SQL, databases, basics of HTTP requests, or different data types like JSON, XML, and so on.

Zend PHP 5.5 Certification

The Zend Certified PHP 5.5 certification is an industry-wide standard that perceives PHP expertise. Zend's PHP 5.5 certification is an industry-recognized credential. This certification program is proof of a person's competence across a spectrum of skills, knowledge, and capabilities that are matched to real-world job functions. Zend certification provides a measure of technical distinction that employers use to evaluate the skills of Zend certified engineers. The Zend PHP certification is all around perceived in the industry as a standard of learning for PHP engineers. It demonstrates that the engineer knows the intricate details of the PHP programming dialect.