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The uCertify course is a library of courses for technology, engineering or vocational training. These courses are delivered via a highly engaging, flexible, cloud-based and device-enabled platform and can be used for self-paced, mentor guided, or instructor-led training.
It is designed to deliver Higher Ed, engineering, vocational, workforce development and readiness, corporate training programs, and courses. Since such training requires a hands-on approach, the uCertify course is designed to deliver hands-on Lab and virtual environments - a feature that sets uCertify apart from other solutions.

It is ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant which results in a better learning outcome for learners with special needs.

uCertify Courses for Students

uCertify course keeps students engaged through interactivity and instantaneous feedback. Course navigation is driven by a dashboard that is adapted to the specific course. Students can switch between various learning tools and resources and then return back to the topic at hand with one click. Study planner allows students to track their progress. In addition, a progress meter for each major activity allows the students to monitor their results and take action if needed.

uCertify Courses for Instructors

Instructors can use uCertify course to deliver credit courses or augment their existing credit courses. Instructors can customize these courses by adding additional content to accommodate diverse audiences and education missions with ease.

uCertify Resources