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Microsoft Project 2013
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Gain hands-on expertise in Microsoft Project 2013 certification exam by Microsoft Project 2013 course. Microsoft certification program validates the skills and expertise of a candidate using Microsoft technologies. It is designed for candidates to create a task-based schedule; initialize a project; track and analyse a project; manage resources and assignments and much more.

Here's what you will get

Exam is designed for candidates who have practical knowledge of Project Standard 2013, Project Professional 2013, and Project Pro for Office 365 desktop features (excluding Project Server features). Candidates should also have a better understanding of key project management concepts and terminology. Candidates should have experience effectively modelling, scheduling, resourcing, communicating, collaborating on, and delivering projects using Project Standard 2013, Project Pro for Office 365, SharePoint, Project Professional 2013, and SharePoint Online.

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Videos and How To..

uCertify course includes videos to help understand concepts. It also includes How Tos that help learners with how to accomplish certain tasks.

Video Lessons

Here's what you will learn

  • TOPIC A: Project Management 101
  • TOPIC B: Navigate and Customize the Project 2013 Interface
  • TOPIC C: Add Tasks to a Project
  • TOPIC D: Add Resources to a Project
  • TOPIC E: Save a Project
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Manage Project Time Frames
  • TOPIC B: Change Working Time
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Manage Project Tasks
  • TOPIC B: Add Summary Tasks and Milestones
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Manage Project Resources
  • TOPIC B: Allocate and Level Work Resources
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Print Project Views
  • TOPIC B: Share Projects
  • TOPIC C: Export Projects
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Link Projects
  • TOPIC B: Baseline a Project
  • TOPIC C: Work with Custom Fields
  • TOPIC D: Change Project Options
  • TOPIC E: Extend Project with Apps
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A Change a Task List
  • TOPIC B: Create a Network Diagram
  • TOPIC C: Manage the Critical Path
  • TOPIC D: Use Lag and Lead
  • TOPIC E: Analyze Earned Value
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Use View Commands
  • TOPIC B: Use Existing Views
  • TOPIC C: Create Custom Views
  • TOPIC D: Format and Share the Timeline View
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Use Existing Reports
  • TOPIC B: Create Custom Reports
  • TOPIC C: Export Visual Reports
  • Summary