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ZEND Certifications

ZEND is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions to organizations worldwide. It is one of the companies in the forefront offering certification programs. ZEND certification programs are designed to test a candidate's level of knowledge in Zend-PHP 5.5 certification or Zend Framework Certification without prejudice to other technologies. The ZEND certification program aims at creating a measure of distinction that employers can use to evaluate prospective employees.

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Zend PHP 5.5 Certification

The Zend's PHP 5.5 certification is an industry recognized credential. The certification is proof of a person's competence across a spectrum of skills, knowledge and capabilities that are matched to real-world job functions. Zend Certification provides a measure of technical distinction that employers use to evaluate prospective employees.

Zend Framework Certification

The ZEND Framework certification is an industry-wide standard certification that recognizes the attainment of a professional level of expertise in using ZEND Framework. The Zend Framework Certification is required for ZEND Framework certification. Learn more about Zend Framework Certification certification.

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