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Microsoft MCTS Certification

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist is one of the Microsoft's leading certification. MCTS certification validates the ability of the individuals to successfully implement, troubleshoot, and debug a particular Microsoft technology, such as a Windows operating system, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

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The MCTS certification would be beneficial for the individuals who want to gain expertise on Microsoft products and technologies. The MCTS certification is also beneficial for candidates who have entry-level certification in related fields and want to become Specialist.

Requirements for MCTS Certification

While there are no official prerequisites for MCTS certification, both Microsoft and uCertify recommend that professionals should have the basic technical knowledge of the certification they want to earn.

To know more about MCTS certification. Visit Microsoft's Website.

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Raghu Nathan

uCertify has been part of my certifications training for almost 10 years.
uCertify makes training user friendly, especially when your taking Microsoft exams MCT, like XML, SQL, and C#. Keep up the great work, and please please stay around for a long time for us who like the GUI software training program you provide.


Just wanted to say thank you for the great tool to help me pass . I can say with no hesitation that your tool assisted me greatly in not only learning some of the content but most importantly the pattern / method of answers required to pass. There where WAY too many questions that I could answered in any 2 or 3 ways but uCertify taught me the way to answer. I did not have a SINGLE question that was replicated AT ALL in the exam itself. I focused on taking your tests in "learn mode" and ensured I got the rest of information pertaining to the question which you supplied and this information was invaluable. The looks I got when I said I was a "self Study" actually made me feel guilty ... kinda! I am going to get this tool for the rest of my team for their next certification! Well done uCertify !


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