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GIAC Certified Incident Handler Certification

The GIAC's GCIH certification is designed for those professionals who are responsible to manage incidents; to understand common attack techniques and tools; and to defend against and/or respond to such attacks when they occur. After passing this GCIH exam, candidates will be able for incident handling/incident response; individuals who require an understanding of the current threats to systems and networks, along with effective countermeasures.

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The GCIH is a security certification that demonstrates that the owner has the skills and knowledge to properly respond to and manage incidents as well as defend against them. The GCIH is a hands-on certification that covers incident handling and defense. This includes concepts such as recovering from attacks, defense as well as incident handling process.

Requirements for GIAC Certified Incident Handler Certification

There are no specific prerequisite for GIAC Certified Incident Handler certification. It is believed that the candidates should have basic understanding and fundamental knowledge of detecting, responding, and resolving computer security incidents. The certification requires you to pass only one exam:

  • GCIH: GIAC Certified Incident Handler