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Adobe Certified Expert on Illustrator Certification

The Adobe Illustrator CS6 Exam is an entry-level certification, which validates your skills in Adobe Illustrator software product. The certification not only helps you to enter into the Web design industry but also helps managers to determine a prospective employee's knowledge and skill level in the Adobe technologies.

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Adobe Illustrator certification tests your intelligence and proficiency in Working with Illustrator document, Controlling effects, appearances, and graphic styles, and preparing graphics for web or screen display.

Requirements for Adobe Certified Expert on Illustrator Certification

  • Although there are no prerequisites for this certification, it would be helpful if you have hands on experience of Adobe Ace Illustrator.
  • The Adobe Illustrator CS6 ACE certification validates the professional's intelligence and expertise in Illustrator CS6.
  • You have to pass Adobe Illustrator CS6 exam to become Adobe Illustrator CS6 ACE certified. It is the latest version of Adobe Illustrator. Professional who are interested in CS5 version of Illustrator will have to take Adobe Illustrator CS5 exam and who are interested in CS4 version will have to take Adobe Illustrator CS4 exam.

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