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Adobe Certified Expert on Flex Certification

Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Flex certification is developed for web application developers, web designers, animators and other web development professionals who want to demonstrate proficiency with single or multiple Adobe products. An Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) is a person who has demonstrated a professional level in proficiency with one or more Adobe software products.

Requirements for Adobe Certified Expert on Flex Certification

  • Although there are no prerequisites for this certification, it would be helpful if you have hands on experience of Adobe Ace Flex.
  • You have to pass Adobe Flex 4.5 Exam to become Adobe Flex 4.5 ACE certified.

To get Adobe Certified Expert on Flex certification, you need to have thorough knowledge of Adobe Flex 4.5 Technology, which includes Creating a User Interface (UI), Flex system architecture and design, Programming Flex applications with ActionScript, Interacting with data sources and servers, Using Flex in the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), etc. to pass the Flex 4.5 exam.