The world is revolving around Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is a subunit of it that holds on to the analytical working of the modules to adopt new scenarios independently. It is formulated to ease down the number of manpower requirements and to create a life with smart technical assistance. Machine Learning (ML) is a field of computer science that allows computer science to learn from experience without being explicitly programmed or human intervention. The implementation of machine learning with python focuses on the development of computer programs that can change when exposed to new data.

uCertify is offering Machine learning with python course and lab with all kinds of interactive tools to be a proficient programmer. The course will introduce you to the vast features, applicability, and simplicity of python.  This course will prepare you for working on different platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS with Python programming to ease the coding. This course will save your time and resources and make you go on-hand with python as it has frameworks and libraries that offer a reliable environment resulting in the reduction of software development time significantly. 

This course will act as a requisite to deal with machine learning problems while learning and sharpening python programming skills hand-in-hand. It can be considered as the best course dealing in python to help automate tasks, and it offers greater simplicity and consistency than other programming languages. So if you want to mark your presence in the engaging python community, this course makes it easy for you to discuss projects and contribute ideas on how to use python in a vivid manner. So grab the opportunity fast and take the lead in the python world.

Data wrangling is no less than lubrication in the IT machinery that helps in the process of collecting, gathering, and transforming raw data into another format for better understanding, decision-making, accessing, and analysis in a specific time period. In this era of data consumption and production, it is crucial to maintain it in a proper format, far away from any distortion. Nowadays, data shares a sensitive and complicated nature which requires getting sorted in the simplest manner for extracting the core information.

uCertify introduces Data Wrangling with Python course and lab in well-equipped format, which provides an understanding of the processes used along with the knowledge of the most popular tools and techniques in the domain. This course and lab also demonstrate how to use these interactive tools, teaches the skills of file handling Python back-end, and extracting/transforming data from an array of sources including the internet. The course has broad hands-on activities preliminary focusing on web scraping and data gathering, RDBMS and SQL, and it will assert you with the capability of application of data wrangling in real life.

The course also has a predominant presence of exam objectives, covering all the basic and advanced data structures, introduction to NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib, and file handling. This course dives deep into Data Wrangling with Python, makes you comfortable with different kinds of data sources, learning the hidden secrets of Data Wrangling, advanced web scraping, and data Gathering RDBMS and SQL. The course helps you in seeking knowledge and skills about data exploration, reshaping data, dealing with missing values, and filtering data which enables an efficient data set, to be used for different purposes like data analyzing, machine learning, data visualization, model training, etc.  So pull your socks up with Data Wrangling with Python course to master in the field of data handling.

In this technology-driven world, there is an abundant amount of data available varying up from personal, health, intellectual, property, governmental, and industry information systems. This kind of data has a sensitive nature and needs to be protected from any cyber attack and data breach. But due to increasing global connectivity and weak configuration of data services, cyberattacks have secured a great leap in numbers. Cyberattacks can take place in different forms like phishing attacks, social engineering scams, ransomware attacks, and Malware issues. These data breaches lead to irrecoverable reputation damage and spark up security vulnerabilities.

uCertify is taking up the charge in the field of cyber security with its wide range of courses, Cisco Cyber Security Operations Fundamentals (CBROPS) is one of them. This course covers a vivid account of application operations, attacks, security concepts, and common networks. It enables one with the skill to monitor breaches and alerts. It also prepares one with the requisite response to look after all kinds of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. The course has step-by-step lessons, test preps, assessments that ease down all the knots in the path of becoming a Junior or entry-level cybersecurity operations analyst in a Security Operations Center (SOC). By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge of networking security concepts, Ethernet and TCP/IP networking, and Network Security Monitoring (NSM) tools.

 This course is jam-packed with useful information throughout, which creates room for you to carry up the threat-centric security operations directed to strengthen network protocol, protect your devices and increase operational efficiency. It will help you-

  • To be a part of the dynamic field of cyber security.
  • To gain hands-on practice using real-life security analysis tools.
  • To gain foundational knowledge for responding and detecting cybersecurity incidents, including analysis, monitoring, and understanding common attacks.
  • To be familiar with network operations and attacks, basic cryptography concepts, and network infrastructure device operations.

So, enroll in the (CBROPS) Cyber Security Operations Fundamentals course today and start learning.

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In this technology-oriented world, technical writing has developed to be an important resource for technical communications. Whether it be computer biotechnology, software, hardware, engineering, finance, or consumer electronics, technical writing is utilized in all such fields for conveying data about particular or more things to the audience. Technical writing has taken the charge to provide complicated information and data efficiently and more simply. It delves into multiple subjects, collects and processes necessary information, and conveys a clear message to the reader. Technical writing will help to compose a proposal and explain why specific notions will work great. 

uCertify, being an active education enthusiast, is offering a well-defined course of technical writing to ease down the process of becoming a proficient technical writer. The course has all the requisite lessons with well-organized topics, accompanied with exercises, flashcards, quizzes, glossary terms, and performance labs, that can help one to make their position in the field of technical communication. This course prepares one to cover various technologies and genres and make you aware with some examples of writing technical memos, technical press releases, technical specifications, and descriptions. This course can open up the space for one to be an integral and essential part of the rapidly growing technical writing world with its optimum skill set.

This course will act as a catalyst in uplifting any technical business simulated environment by providing expert experience in technical writing. A poorly designed document can easily submerge down any chance of success but with the assistance of a technical writing course, you can unlock a wide spectrum of attaining technical knowledge about any given thing, whether it be a machine, a product, or anything else. So grab the opportunity right now!