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Beginning Android Programming With Android Studio

ISBN : 9781616919825

Beginning Android Programming With Android Studio course is designed for Android developers who want to start developing applications using Google's Android SDK. The Android Programming course covers the necessary topics in a linear manner so that you can build on your knowledge without being swamped by the details. Although Android programming is a huge topic, the aim of the course is threefold: to get you started with the fundamentals, to help you understand the underlying architecture of the SDK, and to appreciate why things are done in certain ways.

Glossary of terms
Pre Assessment Questions
Post Assessment Questions

Videos and How To

uCertify course includes videos to help understand concepts. It also includes How Tos that help learners with how to accomplish certain tasks.

Video Lessons
  • Who This Book Is For
  • What This Book Covers
  • How This Book Is Structured
  • What You Need to Use This Book
  • Conventions
  • What Is Android?
  • Obtaining the Required Tools
  • Launching Your First Android Application
  • Summary
  • Exploring the IDE
  • Using Code Completion
  • Debugging Your Application
  • Publishing Your Application
  • Summary
  • Understanding Activities
  • Linking Activities Using Intents
  • Fragments
  • Displaying Notifications
  • Summary
  • Understanding the Components of a Screen
  • Adapting to Display Orientation
  • Managing Changes to Screen Orientation
  • Utilizing the Action Bar
  • Creating the User Interface Programmatically
  • Listening for UI Notifications
  • Summary
  • Using Basic Views
  • Using Picker Views
  • Using List Views to Display Long Lists
  • Understanding Specialized Fragments
  • Summary
  • Using Image Views to Display Pictures
  • Using Menus with Views
  • Using WebView
  • Summary
  • Saving and Loading User Preferences
  • Persisting Data to Files
  • Creating and Using Databases
  • Summary
  • Sharing Data in Android
  • Using a Content Provider
  • Creating Your Own Content Providers
  • Using the Content Provider
  • Summary
  • SMS Messaging
  • Sending Email
  • Summary
  • Displaying Maps
  • Getting Location Data
  • Monitoring a Location
  • Summary
  • Consuming Web Services Using HTTP
  • Consuming JSON Services
  • Summary
  • Creating Your Own Services
  • Establishing Communication Between a Service and an Activity
  • Binding Activities to Services
  • Understanding Threading
  • Summary
  • Getting Started with an Android Phone
  • Brief Introduction to an Android Phone
  • Android Screen
  • Using Stylus with an Android Phone
  • Android Camera
  • Using Gestures to Interact with an Android Phone
  • Using Keypad to Interact with an Android Phone
  • Contacts in an Android Phone
  • Messaging in an Android Phone
  • Getting Connected to the Internet
  • Getting Started with an Email Application in an Android Phone
  • Music App
  • WrapUp