Adobe Certified Expert on Illustrator

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Adobe Certified Expert on Illustrator Certification

Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Illustrator certification exam is an entry-level credential designed to validate knowledge and skills in Adobe Illustrator software product. Adobe Illustrator exam objectives are as follows:

  • Setting Project Requirement
  • Understanding Adobe Illustrator
  • Create graphics using Adobe Illustrator
  • Identifying design elements used when preparing graphics
  • Archive, export, and publish graphics using Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator training program validates aptitude and proficiency in working with Illustrator document, controlling effects, appearances, graphic styles, and preparing graphics for web or screen display.

uCertify provides Adobe Illustrator CC course for Adobe Illustrator CC certification exam.

Requirements for Adobe Certified Expert on Illustrator Certification

  • Three years experience as a graphic designer or illustrator, with experience in conceptual design and creation of final artwork for print and interactive output.

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