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About CIW certifications

CIW is the industry standard for Webmaster certification. The CIW certifications are vendor neutral programs that certify the skills and competency for entry-level as well as experienced Internet professionals. CIW offers a wide range of certification for various job skills. Some educators integrate CIW certification exams into their own curriculum by enabling students to conclude their coursework with a CIW certification. Others use Official CIW Curriculum for their courses, which can include ILT courseware, online supplements, practice exams and even virtual labs.

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CIW Web Foundations Associate Certification

CIW's Web Foundations Associate certification is a vendor neutral, entry-level certification. CIW Associates have basic knowledge of Internet technologies, network infrastructure, and Web authoring using XHTML. There are two options to achieve this certification:

Option 1: Pass one exam CIW: Web Foundations Associate Option 2: Pass three different exams which will also help you achieve three individual certifications which are:

Lear more about the CIW Web Foundations Associate

CIW Web Design Professional Certification

CIW Web Design Professional certification is a vendor neutral, professional-level certification. This certification proves the efficiency of the candidate in the areas of Web site design and e-commerce. You have to pass two exams: 1D0-520 and 1D0-525 to achieve this certification. Passing each of these exams earns you the two separate specialist-level certifications, which are:

Learn more about CIW Professional Certification.

Web Development Professional Certification

The CIW Web Development Professional Certification is suitable for those individuals who wants to excel in a career in Web and IT technologies. You must pass three exams: CIW: JavaScript Specialist 2015, CIW Perl Specialist, and CIW: Database Design Specialist exams to achieve this certification. Passing each of these exams earns you the related individual certification, which are as below:

An individual can earn either of three separate Specialist-level certifications separately. The highest level in CIW Web Development Series Certification is CIW Web Development Professional.

CIW Web Security Series Certification

CIW's CIW Web Security Series Certification is a vendor neutral exam, which enhances your skills to secure your network from unauthorized activity. The CIW Web Security series includes three certifications:

  • CIW Web Security Associate
  • CIW Web Security Specialist
  • CIW Web Security Professional

There is a common exam 1D0-571 for all the three certifications, while Web Security Specialist requires one exam from third party and Web Security Professional certification requires two exams from third party.

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