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CIW Site Development Associate Certification

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CIW Site Development Associate Certification

CIW Site Development Associate certification is an international, vendor-neutral credential for computer Support Technicians, Graphic Artists, Website Designers, and Marketing Professionals. CIW Site Development Associate certification proves your competency as a computer technician by measuring your skills in areas such as web page development and being productive part of a Web site development team. Once you have earned this certification, you can get the CIW Web Foundations Series certification.

Here are the skills measured in the CIW Site Development Associate certification exam:

  • Testing and analyzing website performance issues
  • Creating a basic HTML form that accepts user input
  • Demonstrating knowledge required to create a Web page
  • Using GUI-based HTML editing software to create Web pages
  • Defining XML and identifying its features and appropriate use
  • Using the most current version of HTML5 to create Web pages
  • Identifying and using design and color principles for Web pages
  • Identifying steps in the website planning and development process
  • Identifying essential website navigation issues and ensuring page/site accessibility
  • Defining and applying essential aspects of the CSS standard, including CSS versions 1, 2 and 3
  • Planning and delivering oral presentations of your Web site, during and after site development
  • Adding images and graphical formatting to HTML files and creating and editing images and audio
  • Identifying essential issues in developing and maintaining a website, including project management, testing, and legal issues

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Requirements for the CIW Site Development Associate Certification

There are no pre-requisites recommended by CIW for the Site Development Associate certification exam by CIW recommends that the candidate should have familiarity with an operating system such as Microsoft Windows 7.