The HR field can provide you a lot of opportunities in leading IT industries. There are several benefits that HR certifications add to your profile and boost up your resume. The article will provide you an overview of the benefits that are added to your profile with the HR credentials. There are several HR certifications that can help you take your career to the advanced level. PHR and SPHR certifications are one of the most highly acknowledged HR certifications. Let us provide you knowledge about some of the main benefits that the HR certifications adds to your resume.

How HR Certifications Helping In Career Growth? Explore Now!

The recent surveys have indicated that certified HR professionals are more skilled and reliable as compared to the non-certified professionals. Most of the HR supervisors have said that HR certified professionals have better potential for higher level job positions, better in making strategies, and perform at a higher level of excellence than the non-certified professionals. Surveys show that 2 out of 3 HR supervisors say that they prefer HR certified professionals over other similarly qualified candidates. 1 in 5 HR supervisors say that their organizations require an HR certification when hiring for HR positions.

HR certified professionals receive higher pay than non-certified HR professionals. Surveys have also proved that PHR certified professional earns USD 4,547 more than a non-certified one and for SPHR certified professional the difference is USD 19,712. There is a huge difference between the annual salary growth of the two group of professionals. According to the surveys, the average income growth for PHR is USD 292 and for SPHR it is USD 983.

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