The Microsoft test 70-502 measures an individual’s ability to develop and implement Windows-based applications based on the Windows Presentation Foundation technology by using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. The individual must have a sound knowledge of Visual Studio 2008. Before taking the 70-502 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Select an application type and manage its responsiveness.
  2. Configure event handling, commands, page-based navigation, and application settings.
  3. Select and configure content controls, item controls, and layout panels.
  4. Integrate Windows Forms controls into a WPF application.
  5. Create user and custom controls.
  6. Create and display two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics.
  7. Create and manipulate documents.
  8. Add multimedia content.
  9. Manage binary resources and images.
  10. Configure binding options.
  11. Bind to a data collection and to a property of another element.
  12. Convert and validate data.
  13. Configure notification of changes in underlying data.
  14. Create a consistent user interface appearance by using styles.
  15. Change the appearance of a UI element by using triggers.
  16. Add interactivity by using animations.
  17. Share logical resources throughout an application.
  18. Change the appearance of a control by using templates.
  19. Localize a WPF application.
  20. Deploy for standalone access.
  21. Deploy to a partial trust environment.
  22. Deploy an XBAP application.
  23. Manage upgrades.
  24. Configure the security settings of an application deployment.

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