How to prepare for 70-502 exam.

The Microsoft test 70-502 measures an individual’s ability to develop and implement Windows-based applications based on the Windows Presentation Foundation technology by using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. The individual must have a sound knowledge of Visual Studio 2008. Before taking the 70-502 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Select an application type and manage its responsiveness.
  2. Configure event handling, commands, page-based navigation, and application settings.
  3. Select and configure content controls, item controls, and layout panels.
  4. Integrate Windows Forms controls into a WPF application.
  5. Create user and custom controls.
  6. Create and display two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics.
  7. Create and manipulate documents.
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Everything you want to know about the 70-502 VB exam?

Q. What is the 70-502 VB.NET exam?

A. The Microsoft 70-502 VB.NET exam measures your knowledge and skills in developing and implementing Windows-based applications by using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. This exam measures your knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. You have to take this exam along with 70-536 VB.NET. NET in order to achieve the MCTS: .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows Presentation Foundation Applications certification.

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