Q. What is the pre-requisite for taking the 1Z0-040 test?

A. The prerequisite for the 1Z0-040 test is Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators Release 2 (1z0-030). The 1Z0-040 (OCP) is a step that upgrades your 9i OCP credential to 10g credential. Generally, one test is required for OCPs to upgrade to each new release of an Oracle DBA track. The Oracle Database 10g certification track is a step towards a successful career as an Oracle professional. However, you must be well experienced with the SQL before you take the test. Self-studying and self-schooling can certainly help you prepare for the test. This will require a lot of dedication and practice managing a database and newly added features in 10g.

Q. How can you register for the test?

A. Register yourself through the registered Prometric testing centers. After getting yourself registered for your test, you can contact the testing center to know the schedule (date and time) of your test. Oracle certifications can be taken only at authorized Prometric centers worldwide. The test date may depend on your choice (and availability of slot) in your selected test center. You may choose to register yourself online at Prometric Website.

Oracle certification programs are offered at Oracle University Testing Centers and through Prometric, which is the world’s largest provider of testing to IT industry.

Q. How should you start preparing for the test?

A. OCP is the second level of Oracle certification program. It is an advanced qualification for all OCAs. OCPs have the skills to setup and manage critical Oracle database and are able to run a database at its maximum efficiency. The OCP credential provides a candidate the recognition that will increase the opportunity for a more bright and rewarding career.

Q. What are the test objectives?

A. 1Z0-040 test objectives can be found at Oracle Website.

Q. What credit it provides?

A. On successful completion of the 1Z0-040 test, you will be an Oracle 10g Certified Professional (OCP) . Also, you will be eligible for the next level of certification.

Q. Which certification does it cover?

A. 1Z0-040 covers the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification for 10g certification.

Q. How many questions are asked in the test?

A. There are approximately 60 questions in the test. To pass the 1Z0-040 test, you need to score at least 73% (i.e. 44 questions out of 60 questions).

Note: Oracle has the right to change the number of questions with prior notice.

Q. What is the duration of the test?

A. 105 minutes

Q. What is the test fee?

A. The cost of the exam is $125 plus any local taxes. You can get the details from your nearest Prometric testing center. The list of Prometric testing centers can be found at Prometric site.

Note: The fee can be changed, subject to prior notice by Oracle.

Q. What preparations should you make before taking the test?

A. On the day of the test, you need to reach the examination center at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. When you contact the Prometric center-in-charge, he will take you to a room with a computer that you will use for the exam. He will also provide you with a pen-paper/white board-marker for rough work. He will guide you on the instructions to take the exam. Once you are ready, you can ask him to start the exam.

You are not allowed to take anything with you in the test center. Not even your water bottle or any food. You need to carry two identity proofs, of which, at least one should have a photo attached.

There will be an online tutorial after you have finished taking the test, which will ask some general questions such as rate yourself on the level of expertise. This will not make any difference in your score. Neither the time counts from the survey in your actual exam. Now, you can ask the center-in-charge for the result.

The center-in-charge will give a printed report of your score. The sheet will tell you whether or not you passed the test. The result sheet also contains the objectives or the areas on which you need to be more focused (diagnostic feedback), as you got the questions of those objectives incorrect.

Any attempt of using unfair means will not be tolerated and can lead to zero score, disallowance of credential, and even prosecution by law.

Q. Where to take the 1Z0-040 test?

A. The test can be taken at any Prometric testing center worldwide. Search for your nearest Prometric testing center. The list of Prometric testing centers can be found at Prometric site. For any further details you can contact the Oracle Certification Program at email address or you can call at 1.800.529.0165 or contact your local Oracle University sales representative.

Q. What is the exam retake policy?

A. If you fail in the 1Z0-040 test, Oracle encourages retaking the test. However, you will have to wait for 14 days before you go for the retest. However, a passed test can never be reattempted.

Q. What is the test retirement policy?

A. Oracle provides 90 days notice before any certification test retires. Oracle posts announcements on the Certification Web site. They also notify exam candidates by email, so please be sure that you always have your most current contact information on file with Prometric.

Q. How will you get your certification welcome kit?

A. After successfully completing the 1Z0-040 test, you will receive your OCP certificate by postal mail from Prometric within a month (30 days). When you pass the test, you can log on to the site. Here, you will provide your mailing address, phone number, and email address. The certification kit will contain an Oracle certificate with your name and certification title. However, it will not have any report on your score. You will also receive a letter of congratulations from Oracle, which also include the access login and password. This login and password is used in the Oracle online community.

Q. What should you do if you do not receive your certification kit?

A. In case you do not receive your welcome kit you can request for your Oracle certification kit by mailing to Fulfillment@prometric.comemail address.

Always be a member of Oracle discussion forum or online community and feel free to voice your queries and opinions.

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