Everything you want to know about the 70-552-VB exam

Q. What is the 70-552-VB exam?

A. Microsoft’s 70-552-VB exam is designed to test your knowledge of the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 fundamentals, which includes developing applications, implementing service processes, application domains, embedding configuration, diagnostic, management, and installation features into a .NET Framework application. The 70-552-VB exam tests your knowledge and measures your ability to have in-depth skills and knowledge of Windows Forms technology and have expertise in data access in Microsoft Windows applications. The 70-552-VB exam also measures your skills that include developing and designing Web applications, designing and developing a user interface, designing and developing a component, designing and developing an application framework, deploying and supporting an application, and testing and stabilizing an application.

Q. What are the prerequisites for the 70-552-VB exam?

A. This is a Professional Developer (PRO) Upgrade Exam for those who have obtained the MCAD certification. Therefore, MCPD: Windows Application Developer candidates must first earn the MCAD Certification, which consists of two mandatory core exams:

Q. What credit does the 70-552-VB exam provide?

A. When you pass Exam UPGRADE: MCAD Skills to MCPD Windows Developer by Using the Microsoft .NET Framework: Part 2, you earn credit towards the following certifications:

Q. What is the price of the 70-552-VB exam?

A. The net price of the exam is USD 125.

Note: The net price does not include applicable taxes, vouchers, promotions or membership discounts.

Q. How to schedule, reschedule, cancel, or confirm the exam?

A. Please visit the following Prometric link to schedule, reschedule, cancel, or confirm the exam:

Schedule, Reschedule, Cancel, or Confirm the exam.

Q. How to locate a testing center?

A. Please visit the following Prometric link to locate the testing center:

Locate a Testing Center.

Q. How to update personal information, viewing test history, etc?

A. Please visit the following Prometric link to update personal information, viewing test history etc:

Update Personal Information, Viewing Testing History, etc.

Q. Is the 70-552-VB exam right for me?

A. The test is appropriate for you if you are working or want to work in a typically complex computing environment of medium-to-large organizations that use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Developer or Visual Studio 2005.

Q. What to expect in the 70-552-VB exam?

A. This test consists of Multiple Choice, Hot Spot, Drag and Drop, Build list and reorder, and Build a Tree questions. The test can be adaptive, and simulation questions might be asked. There are no case study type questions. You will be required to attempt approximately 55 questions in 90 minutes. To pass, you need a score of 700.

Q. What are the code languages available for the 70-552 exam?

A. There are two code languages available for the 70-552 exam:

Q. What are the skills being measured for the 70-552-VB exam?

A. This certification exam measures your ability to build interactive Web applications, data-driven Web-based applications that use Web forms, ASP.NET, and the .NET Framework. Before taking the exam, you should be proficient in the job skills. Visit Microsoft Website to read the 70-552 exam skills being measured at 70-552 exam page.

Q. How to prepare for the 70-552-VB exam?

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Q. Why should I become certified?

A. Studies have shown that certified individuals realize many benefits. Among them are the following:

  • Increased opportunities on the job: These opportunities range from increased salary and bonus to project involvement and promotion.
  • Increased breadth of knowledge: Certification is a catalyst for learning new technologies in a structured and comprehensive way.
  • Increased value to the organization: Organizations with 25 percent or more of their staff certified have been shown to deploy projects on time and within budget more often, rely less on external support, have less downtime, and have higher user satisfaction with their IT staff.

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