Certification Article for OCA DBA (10g)

What is OCA DBA (10g) certification?

OCA DBA (10g) certification is the most fundamental and entrance level certification on DBA track on 10g platform. Its objectives are intended to measure a candidate’s ability to work as a junior team member with Database Administrators or Application Developers. This certification is the first step towards the more advanced OCP – 10g certification. The certification requires the comprehensive skills in the following areas:

  • The architecture of Oracle 10g
  • Installation of Oracle 10g
  • Administration of administrative tools
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  • Configuration of Oracle network environment
  • Managing the schema objects
  • Management of undo data
  • Implementation of the database security
  • Movement of data between databases or within the database

The core test of OCA DBA (10g)

OCA DBA 10g is an entry-level qualification that requires completion of only one test (1z0-042).

1z0-042: Oracle 10g Administration-I

What is 1z0-042: Oracle 10g Administration-I test?

Oracle’s 1Z0-042 test is designed to measure your skills and knowledge of the installation, management and maintenance of Oracle10g databases. After passing the test, you will achieve Oracle OCA DBA 10g certification. This test is also a requirement to pursue the more advanced OCP certification.

Benefits of OCA DBA 10g

The demand of Oracle professional is growing incredibly. Therefore, OCA DBA 10g is a token to the world of your expertise in administrating a database. Earning the certificate of OCA DBA proves that the candidate is professionally serious. By earning the OCA level credential, one increases the chance of entry level job opportunities in reputed firms.

Job roles of OCA DBA 10g

The job roles for OCA DBA 10g certified professionals are listed below:

  • Database Administrator
  • Database Analyst
  • Database Developer

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