Skills Required for Oracle 1Z0-007 Test

Oracle has specified more than forty objectives for 1Z0-007 (Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL) test, which are covered under thirteen topics. Following are some important areas over which one should have good command before taking the test:

  1. Executing a basic SELECT statement.
  2. Limiting the rows retrieved by a query.
  3. Using character, number, and date functions in SELECT statements.
  4. Writing SELECT statements to access data from more than one table by using equality and nonequality joins.
  5. Viewing data that generally does not meet a join condition by using outer joins.
  6. Using group functions.
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  8. Writing single-row and multiple-row subqueries.
  9. Producing queries that require a substitution variable.
  10. Inserting, updating, deleting, and merging rows in a table.
  11. Creating, dropping, renaming, and truncating tables.
  12. Creating and maintaining constraints.
  13. Creating, altering, and dropping views.
  14. Inserting, updating, and deleting data in base tables through views.
  15. Performing Top ‘N’ Analysis.
  16. Creating, maintaining, and using sequences.
  17. Creating private and public synonyms.
  18. Creating and maintaining indexes.
  19. Creating and altering users.
  20. Creating Roles to ease setup and maintenance of the security model.
  21. Using the GRANT and REVOKE statements to grant and revoke privileges.

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