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Editor’s Corner:The problem with braindumps

Braindumps are Questions and Answers taken from exams or other tests that have been copyrighted. Braindumps are illegal. All candidates that take an IT certification exam, are required to sign non disclosure agreement (NDA) to not to leak the exam related information. But leaks happen and it is these the leaks have led to dozens of braindumps providers. 
Braindumps are a copyright violation in many cases and you can lose your certification. If you use braindumps, you learn little or nothing about the subject – you won’t be able to do the job and will lose credibility. If you need to spend hours memorizing hundreds of questions and answers, you might as well spend that time towards learning.
Want to learn more about Braindumps? Read the full article: Problem with braindumps

Certification World

  • New pricing from Oracle for Sun and Oracle certification exams
    Oracle has recently hiked the price of technical certification exams for Sun and Oracle technologies. This price hike affects both Internet-based exams and proctored ones conducted at testing centers. The new prices are as follows: – All worldwide non-proctored exams, proctored Sun exams for emerging-market countries and Oracle Database, Middleware and Linux exams for emerging-market countries will be US$125.

    – Oracle application exams are set as 195$ in the countries which have emerging market. Proctored Sun tests will cost $300 in developed countries.

    Key Points:

    1. The actual cost will vary by local currency.
    2. Test vouchers bought prior to the new pricing model remain valid. The same discount rate will be applied with discount vouchers, but they will be applied against the new pricing.
    3. Those who signed up and submitted payment for a test before Mar. 1 will not be required to pay more money as long as they maintain their original exam date.

    For more info, please visit Business week’s website

  • Will Oracle University support the Sun Certification Program?
    Oracle plans to migrate and offer Sun certification offerings to Oracle certification offerings. Inspite of this migration, Oracle University supports Sun certification. The issues which has been changed or not are given below.

    Will Sun certification continue be valid for students?

    Any Sun certifications will be valid and continue to be recognized by Oracle and remain valid for the version specified by an individual credential. Oracle will announce Retirement or decommissioning of any certification track.

    Will an individual be required to recertify as a result of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun? One who is Credential holders need not to take exams again in order to keep their current Sun credentials. Future certification offerings may require candidates to take an exam if they wish to upgrade. Oracle will announce the requirement of all programs, and will be explained on the Oracle Certification Program Web page.

    Can an individual/student still get Sun certified?

    Yes. An individual can take Sun certification because it is still available.

    Will the Sun certification tracks be modified?

    Sun certification tracks will be changed. It will be according to the Oracle. It will follow oracle certification model: Associate, Professional, Master, and Expert.

    What is the exam registration process?

    Students should register for Sun exams under ‘Sun Microsystems’ on Prometric’s Web site.

    Will my credential be branded Oracle or Sun?

    Currently, the credential will remain a Sun certification. In future, the Oracle Certification Program will fulfill credential for Sun certification.
    For more info, please visit Oracle’s website

Customer Voices

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