uCertify Introduces LPIC-1: Linux Administrator Course

Start your prep for the LPIC-1 101-500 and 102-500 certification exam with uCertify. The course helps people learn to use Linux by understanding how the parts are put together. The course provides a guided tour of the Linux operating system with an eye to achieving an entry-level certification at the completion of the course. Readers with no intention of writing an exam will still find this course helpful as the certification content, by design, closely maps to the skills required by a Linux administrator. The first half of the course focuses on concepts and basic command usage, while the second half turns the attention to applications found in a typical Linux environment. People looking to be more competent Linux users, as opposed to administrators, will find immense benefit in the first half of the course, but will still appreciate the view of what else can be done on Linux provided by the second half. Managers looking for some Linux familiarity will also find this course helpful because of the abundant examples and real-world applications that will help them to speak in the same language as their more technical report.

uCertify Introduces LPIC-1: Linux Administrator Course

uCertify LPIC-1 Linux Administrator course offers lessons, practice tests, and labs. Lessons come complete with flashcards, quizzes, glossary, knowledge checks, connect the idea, and 40+ interactive items. It is designed to keep you engaged and make learning fun. Practice tests are simple and cloud-based solutions that can be used to prepare for certification exams. Labs allow you to experiment and apply your understanding to real-life situations.

About Linux Administrator Exam

LPIC-1 is the initial certification in the multi-level Linux professional certification program offered by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). It validates candidates’ ability to perform install and configure a computer running Linux, maintenance tasks on the command line, and configure basic networking. This certification is designed to reflect current research and proves candidates’ proficiency in real-world system administration.

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