uCertify Functionality Updates

Check out our latest platform update. 

uCertify Platform Updates

Class Ranking Report: uCertify instructors can now view student’s class ranking report on the basis of test types and different sections. Students can also view their class ranking report with their names and positions. They can also filter it on the basis of test types. 

Software Simulation: uCertify Simulation provides a real world learning experience by simulating software and applications. These Simulation can be mapped to any course, textbook and training material, therefore adding value and a “hands-on” component to virtually any training.

Educator improvement and dean dashboard: Instructors can now customize a card, quiz, or exercise and add the question of their choice. Also, custom test no more shows Point, Weightage, Report, and Graded value. Instructors and students can also download the average test score. uCertify has also enhanced assessment creation option where instructors can remove questions using delete icon in the list view. Also, the instructors can restrict the settings or the edit options for ICT test.

LMS new grade sync: Students can now sync their test with LMS via auto grade sync or study planner. In auto grade sync, the best score will automatically sync with the LMS. While in grade sync via study planner, students have to click on the red solid circle over course component name to sync their best score.

LEARN Smart App Enhancements: Users will now have an updated and interactive UI of ebook at the beginning and end of chapters. Flashcards, quizzes, and practice tests have been added in the chapters. Also, the bookmarks and notes will sync automatically in the ebook if the App is connected to the Internet. IOS users will get continuous TTS throughout the chapters. The functionality of removing annotations has also been introduced for both IOS and android users.

We have also upgraded the instructor area in Smart App. Instructors can select and modify assignments. They will also get enhanced design and functionalities of invite area.

Upgraded Invite Area: We have upgraded the uCertify invite area. Our instructors can now view and check the enrollment and other details by providing the related access code under the  invite tab.

So, login to uCertify platform today and start using enhanced features.

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