Here are the latest improvements in the uCertify items:

Item Editor Enhancements


The terminal coding area has been centralized and has now made it easy to access. The loading and rendering speed of this item has also been improved. 

Dream Machine

The Dream machine item is now more responsive with improved speed and loading time on the web and mobile. Authors can now save and review answers without any issues.

Eval Pro

Earlier issues in the eval pro item, such as enable line attribute, SQL database issues, result formatting issues, and have been fixed. The reset button will be disabled when the author has pressed the run button.

uCertify Course Updates

Here are the uCertify courses updates:

  • uCertify has enhanced its simulation lab for MS Access 2016, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2016. Now, students can perform these labs in the uCertify mobile app without any issues. uCertify simulations provide real-world learning experience by simulating software and applications. These simulations can be mapped to any course, textbook and training material, therefore adding value and a “hands-on” component to any training. Training delivered through uCertify simulations is designed to engage students through interactivity and instantaneous feedback. Students are given a learning path that is continuously adapted based on their performance.
  • Try Me feature has been released for the N10-007 course. This feature provides learners with real world scenarios throughout the chapters. The Try Me feature gives learners the experience they need to absorb and apply visual data to make decisions on the job. It offers users the option of immersion, navigation, and manipulation with realistic effects.

Here are the latest LTI and Gradebook Syncing enhancements:

LTI and Gradebook Syncing Enhancements

We have introduced the option to block grade syncing of any organization for administrators. The send outcome functionality’s restriction has been modified. The send_outcome=1 function is no longer required to allow grade syncing of any organization. We have also added switches on the Sync Grade Via New Method toggle button via the org config area to implement this feature.

Our codes have been improved and optimized. We have also centralized and refactored all the codes related to grade syncing for a better user experience.

So, check out these features by logging into uCertify!

Have you checked out our updated website? Have a look and you will enjoy our brand new (User Interface) UI. uCertify has improved its platform to maintain its functionality and relevance. We have updated the UI throughout the platform including our webpages. The new UI is more interactive and easy to navigate. If you’ve visited our website before, you’ll notice a major change in our UI and functionalities. We’re taking our company to a new level of business, and doing the same with our website.

We Have Updated Our Website, Check It Out!

Check out our updated website by logging into uCertify!

Here are the latest updates made in our Mobile App:

Check Out The Latest Improvements In Our Mobile App

1. Interactive Item Compatibility In The Lab 

Students can now perform the interactive items added in the lab with this updated feature. The update is compatible with the interactive items and we have improved the UI of the platform accordingly. Students can now perform all their tasks and sync when they’re finished. A student can check their performance on the web once it is synced. This new feature will enhance a student’s learning experience without any incompatibility issues.

2. Image Annotation

This update has been made for the interactive images added in the courses. These images are now compatible with the mobile app. Students can take advantage of this feature and have an interactive learning experience.

So, check out these features by using uCertify Mobile App!