Things to practice for Oracle test 1Z0-051

The certification test for Oracle 11g Database SQL Fundamental (1Z0-051) requires a profound knowledge of developing a database. Oracle certifications are considered to be the hottest credentials in the database world. To clear the exam of 1Z0-051, you must be well versed with the objectives specified for the test. Practicing especially in the following areas will definitely help raise your level of confidence:

  • Use the SELECT statement along with its various functions.
  • Use conversion functions.
  • Create schema objects.
  • Use the GROUP function with all its possible clauses.
  • Use SQL and iSQL*Plus statements.
  • Use equi-joins, non-equi-joins, self joins, and outer joins.
  • Generate Cartesian products from tables.
  • Use sub queries.
  • Perform FLASHBACK operations.
  • Use GROUPING and GROUPING SETS functions.