uCertify offers the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 course for the preparation of the MOS 77-729 certification exam. The course comes with performance-based labs simulating real-world, hardware, software, and command-line interface environments. The MOS PowerPoint 2016 77-729 course covers all the objectives of the 77-729 exam and teaches candidates to effectively work on PowerPoint 2016. The chapters in the course contain well-ordered instructions and clarifications to demonstrate a proper approach to make a presentation from beginning to end utilizing the PowerPoint accessible tools.

Pass MOS 77-729 Certification Exam With Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Course

The knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 is essential in the business market, classroom lectures, commercial publicity, and so on. You can make a presentation for advertisements, commercials, flyers, and more. With the help of PowerPoint software, you can create, write, edit, add pictures, and add sound to the presentation. PowerPoint 2016 is also used to add different effects to the content and pictures, making content intense or italic, and adding distinctive sorts of shapes to the presentation.

After the completion of the 77-729 course, you gain skills in:

  • Customizing a slide show
  • Delivering your presentation
  • Customizing design templates
  • Collaborating on a presentation
  • Working with media and animations
  • Developing a PowerPoint presentation
  • Modifying objects in your presentation
  • Modifying the PowerPoint environment
  • Securing and distributing a presentation
  • Performing advanced text editing operations
  • Adding tables and charts to your presentation
  • Adding graphical elements to your presentation
  • Adding SmartArt and math equations to a presentation

About Microsoft 77-729 Exam

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 certification measures candidates’ understanding of:

  • Managing multiple presentations
  • Applying transitions and animations
  • Creating and managing presentations
  • Inserting tables, charts, SmartArt, and media
  • Inserting and formatting text, shapes, and images

Successful candidates of this certification will have a fundamental understanding of the PowerPoint environment. They will learn to create, edit, and enhance presentations and slideshows. The presentation includes instructional materials, professional-grade sales presentations, employee training, and kiosk slide shows.

So, enroll today in the uCertify course and become a certified MS PowerPoint professional!

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