Do you want to get certified in security penetration testing? Passing CompTIA PenTest+ PT0-002 exam is one way to do so. It requires a candidate to demonstrate hands-on ability to complete a penetration testing engagement and mitigate security weaknesses and vulnerabilities, as well as how to exploit them.

uCertify’s course CompTIA PenTest+ Cert Guide (PT0-002) comes with well descriptive interactive lessons containing knowledge checks, quizzes, flashcards, and glossary terms to get a detailed understanding of the concepts:

  • Planning and scoping a penetration testing engagement
  • Understanding legal and compliance requirements
  • Performing vulnerability scanning and penetration testing using appropriate tools and techniques, and then analyzing the results
  • Producing a written report containing proposed remediation techniques, effectively
  • Communicating results to the management team, and providing practical recommendations

The test preps present in the course consist of pre and post-assessment questions and practice questions to keep a check on your preparation and knowledge. The live labs will provide you with a hands-on experience in penetration testing.

Enroll yourself in uCertify’s course CompTIA PenTest+ Cert Guide (PT0-002) today. 

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