Do you want to get certified in security penetration testing? Passing CompTIA PenTest+ PT0-002 exam is one way to do so. It requires a candidate to demonstrate hands-on ability to complete a penetration testing engagement and mitigate security weaknesses and vulnerabilities, as well as how to exploit them.

uCertify’s course CompTIA PenTest+ Cert Guide (PT0-002) comes with well descriptive interactive lessons containing knowledge checks, quizzes, flashcards, and glossary terms to get a detailed understanding of the concepts:

  • Planning and scoping a penetration testing engagement
  • Understanding legal and compliance requirements
  • Performing vulnerability scanning and penetration testing using appropriate tools and techniques, and then analyzing the results
  • Producing a written report containing proposed remediation techniques, effectively
  • Communicating results to the management team, and providing practical recommendations

The test preps present in the course consist of pre and post-assessment questions and practice questions to keep a check on your preparation and knowledge. The live labs will provide you with a hands-on experience in penetration testing.

Enroll yourself in uCertify’s course CompTIA PenTest+ Cert Guide (PT0-002) today. 

Mohammed Hadiulla is currently working as a Cloud Operations Engineer at iManage. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker and holds expertise in  Python and Powershell to automate tasks in both Windows and Linux environments. 

He recently reviewed our CompTIA PenTest+ course and has provided the following feedback:

Mohammed Hadiulla feedback on Our CompTIA PenTest+ Course

“uCertify CompTIA PenTest+ course offers full-length practice tests for the preparation of the certification exam. The quality of the course content and the Learning Management System is indeed impressive.

I really liked the number of flashcards and knowledge checks presented in each lecture. Furthermore, there are tons of practical examples that will not only prepare you for the certification test, but they will give you initial confidence to become a good professional.”

We are working on all the areas of improvement mentioned by him to provide a better user experience. 

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To know more about Hadiulla, you can contact him via his LinkedIn page.