Explore Our Updated Instructor Tools

Here we are with our updated instructor tools. Explore them below:

Explore Our Updated Instructor Tools

Lecture Planner

With this new feature, our instructors can plan their lectures at their convenience. It will show lesson reports and removes the autofill date of the lecture plan. This feature allows instructors to manage a sequence while saving exercises or other topics. If topics are hidden from the Design tab, it will change the message and messages will also be modified if no lecture plan is added.

Design Tab Updates

We have added a confirmation pop-up when changes made in the design tool page are saved before leaving. This functionality will help review changes one final time before leaving the design tool page. This feature will prevent saving any changes that are made by mistake. We have also improved the UI of the area as per the area.

So, check out these updated features by logging into uCertify!

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