Creating data-backed visualizations is important for data scientists, or any professional, to explore, analyze, and report insights and trends from data. The popularity and rise of cloud computing, which provides an abundance of computational power and storage, allowing organizations of all sizes to capture and store data, has increased in the era of “big data.” Effectively utilizing that data can bring timely insights and competitive benefits. For data scientists or any professional, creating data-backed visualizations is critical for exploring, analyzing, and reporting insights and patterns from data. The Microsoft® Power BI® software was created specifically for this purpose. Power BI was designed to connect to a variety of data sources and allow users to easily generate representations of related data in order to acquire insights, illustrate patterns, and produce reports. Data connection capabilities and visualization tools in Power BI go well beyond those available in spreadsheets, allowing users to create engaging and interactive worksheets, dashboards, and stories that bring data to life and turn data into meaningful action.

uCertify’s Power BI: Data Analysis Professional course is designed for professionals in a variety of job roles who use desktops or web-based data management tools such as Microsoft Excel® or SQL Server® reporting services for numerical or general data analysis. The course is also designed for professionals who want to pursue the Microsoft certification Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI. You can analyze data with Microsoft Power BI in this course. Upon the course completion you will learn to:

  • Analyze data with self-service BI.
  • Connect to data sources.
  • Perform data cleaning, profiling, and shaping.
  • Visualize data with Power BI.
  • Enhance data analysis by adding visual elements.
  • Model data with calculations.
  • Create interactive visualizations.
  • Use advanced analysis techniques.
  • Enhance reports and dashboards.
  • Publish and share reports and dashboards.
  • Extend Power BI beyond the desktop.

So, what are you waiting for? Start learning Power BI today with uCertify!

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