Technology is used to facilitate value co-creation, however, identifying a value in the IT business can be difficult. In the past, cost-effectiveness, fundamental functioning, and innovation received a lot of attention. However, on the other hand, speed and flexibility are currently the distinguishing factors between valuable and less useful services. In the future, this may shift to areas like security, human centricity, increasing automation, and so on. Furthermore, because the concept of value is constantly evolving, it should be reviewed and explained on a regular basis. From demand to value, ITIL 4 takes a holistic approach to designing and updating technology-enabled services. The ITIL service value system (SVS) framework is used to support value co-creation in businesses by leveraging service management, adapting and adopting best practices, and applying the ITIL service value system (SVS) framework.

uCertify’s ITIL 4 Specialist Create, Deliver and Support course is a useful resource for everyone who works in the field of technology-enabled services. It builds on the ITIL Foundation and provides explicit guidelines on how to collaborate and coordinate efforts to develop, build, and support integrated and effective products and services. ITIL 4 defines a six-activity service value chain and value streams can be created by combining these activities in various ways. This course covers the integration of various activities in order to enable the creation, distribution, operation, and continuous improvement of technology-enabled products and services. The course describes not only how value streams can be built and managed holistically but how continual improvement iterations and feedback loops can be included in value streams. It explores topics such as development, testing, knowledge, customer and employee feedback, new technologies, sourcing, and managing work. In doing so, it reflects new ways of approaching service management.

In response to an evolving world, IT and service management needs to be used appropriately, flexibly, and in new ways. In today’s world, service management requires an open mindset and more collaborative ways of working. As the practices for the co-creation of value are constantly evolving; IT, digital, and service professionals need to keep up to date by developing their skills, knowledge, and definitions of excellence. The course, therefore, focuses on individual and team professionalism, culture, and service mindset, and examines the value and methods for ensuring sustainability.

So, enroll in our ITIL 4 course and start learning today!

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