Some of the Microsoft exams can contain adaptive tests, which are different from conventional tests you have experienced till now. The grading of these tests is done on a different scale than was done in the old format. These tests are tougher than conventional tests and hence very difficult for you to score 100%. In most cases, you will not be able to answer all the questions before moving on to the next topic. In this article, we will explain how these tests are different and how you should attempt them to get a good score.

Adaptive tests are different from conventional tests, as you cannot go back and change your answers. This makes these tests much more difficult than conventional tests. You cannot bookmark a question and attempt it afterwards, as you won’t get that question again. When you start taking an adaptive test, the first question presented has an average difficulty level. If your answer is correct, you will be presented with a higher difficulty level question. On the other hand, if your answer is incorrect, you will be presented with a lower difficulty level question. Each question is scored on the basis of its difficulty level. The adaptive test selects questions from a pool of questions. The computer calculates your score for each question as soon as you go to the next question. Continue reading

In the ever growing IT market, and in the pool of various certifications, do we really need a vendor certification. Let’s discuss…

Industry demands have forced vendors to create their own certifications. In the IT industry, technology changes too often and too quickly. Hence, traditional means of certifications loose their significance. The demand for a vendor certification arises when the market requires skilled professionals. A vendor certification provides an easy way to identify such skilled professionals.

The vendor certification provides a win-win opportunity for all.

  • Vendors get benefited because it promotes people skilled in their respective products.
  • Professionals benefit because it boosts their careers.
  • Employers benefit because it helps them identify qualified people. Continue reading

We’ve just released the all-new PrepEngine today to make the uCertify PrepKits even better and more useful for your exam preparations. We have worked hard to make your studies easy and fun and are excited to present you the new version, which has a cool new interface and lots of other unique features.

Here’s a list of the most exciting enhancements since the version 12.11.05 of the PrepEngine. These features are all included in the PrepKits that are now available for download on the uCertify Website. If you have downloaded the earlier versions of the PrepKit, you can upgrade for free to get them. Continue reading

Studying all by yourself and feeling helpless and confused on technical mumbo jumbo? Want help, need advice or just want to comment on something? Sometimes you just wish you were studying with your friends or in a study group instead of preparing alone. You want someone to whom you can ask questions or do a discussion to prepare better… don’t you wish? We understand that it is sometimes very frustrating when you’re stuck on something and find that there is no one to help you out. Continue reading

Flash cards are a great way to prepare for you IT Certification exams. Using this technique, you can learn fast and memorize everything for a long time. Flash cards have long been used for learning languages or memorizing a variety of subjects. The benefit of flash cards is that they are portable; you can print them and learn, even while you are away from your computer. Continue reading