At uCertify, we believe in continuously improving our service, platform, and titles to deliver a top-notch learning experience to our customers. With this objective in mind, we have come up with a highly advanced and upgraded version of our 77-882 – MOS: Microsoft Excel 2010. Experience the inventiveness of our platform, with the certification that has been endorsed by the leading industrial experts.

The fundamental understanding of Excel environment is the prerequisite for The Core-Level Microsoft Office Excel 2010. This certification is crafted for the professionals who can create and manage worksheets & workbooks with Microsoft Office Excel 2010 and may have experience with previous versions of Microsoft Office Excel. They are also strong in performing tasks like creating tables, applying formulas and functions, creating charts & objects. The course is ideal for professionals, such as Information Workers, Office Professionals, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Data Analysts, Commercial Bankers, Program/Project Managers, and Sales Professionals

The exam covers creating, customizing, and organizing workbooks and worksheets.  It comprises of 37 Pre-assessments Questions, 4 Full Length Tests and 50 Post-Assessments Questions.

In order to captivate the readers, the information is presented in the amusing ways with Exercises, Flashcards & Quizzes. There is no limit to the number of times learners can attempt these. Exercises come with detailed remediation, which ensures that learners are confident on the topic before proceeding. Flashcards help master the key concepts while Glossary defines the key terms. You will have an access to 243 Exercise Questions , 222 Quizzes, 98 Glossary of terms, and 26 Lessons along with 147 Videos.

The test structure ensures an in-depth knowledge of the subject and in turn guarantees success in the exams! So, rush and enroll yourself today!