LPI Web Development (030-100)

(030-100.AT1) / ISBN : 978-1-64459-543-5
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About This Course

The LPI Web Development Essentials course is designed to equip you with essential skills in web development. This course is ideal for beginners looking to delve into the world of web development and expand their IT knowledge. Throughout this course, you will explore fundamental concepts such as software development basics, web application architecture, JavaScript programming, and more. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of how websites function, interact with users, and the crucial role of JavaScript in creating dynamic web experiences.

Skills You’ll Get

The Web Development Essentials certification validates a candidate's skills and proficiency in the fundamental concepts and practices of web development. It encompasses the core technologies used in creating websites, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. The certification signifies an individual's capability to design, create, and manage interactive and dynamic websites. Industries use this certification as a standard to ascertain a candidate's practical aptitude and theoretical knowledge in web development. It helps companies identify qualified professionals capable of contributing to various web projects.

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5+ Lessons | 164+ Exercises | 57+ Quizzes | 49+ Flashcards | 49+ Glossary of terms


30+ Pre Assessment Questions | 2+ Full Length Tests | 40+ Post Assessment Questions | 80+ Practice Test Questions

Hands-On Labs

25+ LiveLab | 21+ Video tutorials | 34+ Minutes


Software Development and Web Technologies

  • Software Development Basic
  • Web Application Architecture
  • HTTP Basics

HTML Document Markup

  • HTML Document Anatomy
  • HTML Semantics and Document Hierarchy
  • HTML References and Embedded Resources
  • HTML Forms

CSS Content Styling

  • CSS Basics
  • CSS Selectors and Style Application
  • CSS Styling
  • CSS Box Model and Layout

JavaScript Programming

  • JavaScript Execution and Syntax
  • JavaScript Data Structures
  • JavaScript Control Structures
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Manipulation of Website Content and Styling

NodeJS Server Programming

  • NodeJS Basics
  • NodeJS Express Basics
  • NodeJS Express Methods 
  • SQL Basics


Software Development and Web Technologies

  • Calculating the Area and Volume of Geographical Shapes Using C
  • Calculating the Area and Volume of Geographical Shapes Using C++

HTML Document Markup

  • Creating a Basic HTML Page
  • Using Paragraphs and Headings in HTML
  • Formatting Text in HTML
  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Creating an HTML Form

CSS Content Styling

  • Implementing Inline Styles
  • Creating an External Style Sheet
  • Implementing a Class
  • Using CSS IDs
  • Using Inline Flow vs. Block Flow in CSS and Float Properties

JavaScript Programming

  • Using Special Characters
  • Using Primitive Data Types
  • Using Arithmetic Operators
  • Using Logical Operators
  • Using Comparison Operators
  • Using the break Statement
  • Using the switch Statement
  • Using Loops
  • Using the continue Statement
  • Using an Event Handler for Buttons

NodeJS Server Programming

  • Handling Incoming Requests
  • Creating an Express Application
  • Creating the Structure of a Table

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LPI Web Development (030-100)


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