Creating User Services

  • The SessionID property of the HttpSessionState class identifies an active ASP.NET session by using a unique session ID.
  • The CodeBehind attribute specifies the name of the compiled file that contains the class associated with the page.
  • The @ Import directive is used to explicitly import a namespace into an ASP.NET application. The @ Implements directive is used to implement a specified .Net Framework interface in a Web page.
  • The ErrorPage attribute of the @ Page directive is used to set the URL if an unhandled exception occurs. Sam can set this target to the home page.
  • A Web page can be converted to a user control via code by the following manner:
    1. Change the extension of the Web page from .aspx to .ascx.
    2. Create an @ Control directive at the top of the page, instead of an @ Page directive.
    3. Remove the <html>, <head>, <body>, and <form> elements from the ASP.NET code.
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