ITIL® 4 Specialist High Velocity IT

(ITIL4-HVIT.AN1) / ISBN : 978-1-64459-271-7
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About This Course

Gain hands-on experience to pass the ITIL 4 Specialist High-velocity certification exam with the ITIL 4 Specialist High-velocity IT course and lab. The lab comes with a well-organized component library for every task. The ITIL 4 course and lab will help you master the skills required to understand concepts regarding the high-velocity nature of the digital enterprise, understand the digital product lifecycle  in terms of the ITIL's operating model, and many more. 

Skills You’ll Get


5+ Lessons | 50+ Quizzes | 92+ Flashcards | 92+ Glossary of terms


40+ Pre Assessment Questions | 2+ Full Length Tests | 40+ Post Assessment Questions | 80+ Practice Test Questions



  • Audience and scope
  • Background and context

Key concepts of high-velocity IT

  • High-velocity IT
  • Digital technology
  • Digital organizations
  • Digital transformation
  • High-velocity IT objectives and key characteristics
  • Adopting the ITIL service value system to enable high-velocity IT
  • Summary

High-velocity IT culture

  • Key behaviour patterns
  • Models and concepts of HVIT culture
  • ITIL guiding principles
  • Summary

High-velocity IT techniques

  • Techniques for valuable investments
  • Techniques for fast development
  • Techniques for resilient operations
  • Techniques for co-created value
  • Techniques for assured conformance
  • Summary


Key concepts of high-velocity IT

  • Arranging Peer Review Approaches
  • Discussing the Use of Digital Technology
  • Discussing the ITIL Service Value System
  • Understanding HVIT Objectives
  • Identifying the Four Dimensions of Service Management
  • Identifying Elements of the ITIL Service Value System
  • Analyzing the Lifecycle Stages

High-velocity IT culture

  • Discussing Key Behavior Patterns of the HVIT Culture
  • Understanding Improvement Domains

High-velocity IT techniques

  • Understanding Product or Service Ownership
  • Entering Service Value Chain Activities
  • Understanding A/B Testing
  • Discussing the 'Fast Development' HVIT Objective
  • Learning About Retrospectives

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  • ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management


  • ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition Certificate
  • Training through an Accredited Training Organization

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ITIL® 4 Specialist High Velocity IT


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