uCertify’s APRIL 2021 RELEASE

We are excited to announce the uCertify April 2021 release. Below are some of the highlights:

uCertify's APRIL 2021 RELEASES

uCertify Platform

Automated Proctoring Service: With uCertify, now students can take assessments while uCertify’s proctoring software verifies student’s identity,  monitors student’s computer’s desktop, video, and audio. This enables students to take an assessment remotely while maintaining the assessment’s integrity.

New and simplified welcome page: Our new welcome page is now cleaner and simpler with only two options – either continuing to the intended page or going to the course library.

uCertify TestPrep – the game mode: The TestPrep game mode is now available in every assessment. Our TestPrep game mode takes the responsibility for learning management and helps students both retain and recall better by using randomization, mastery, and spaced learning in a gamified version of the TestPrep. 

New support portal and help videos: To keep up with extensive platform improvements, we created a new support portal and re-created all help videos. We continue to provide 24x7x365 support.

uCertify LABS

At uCertify, we believe we learn by doing. We are relentlessly driven to deliver hands-on learning online.  We have tripled the LAB infrastructure capacity to meet demand and improve performance. Also, the uCertify new version of uCertify LABS has better UX, UI, and context sensitive help and support. 

In addition,  we have either significantly improved or released new labs in the following areas:

  • Google Cloud LABs
  • Amazon AWS Cloud LABs
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud LABs
  • Data Analytics LABs in both R and Python
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning  LABs
  • Cyber Security, Cyber Range, and Cyber Crime LABs

uCertify LEARN+ Mobile APP

We rewrote the uCertify LEARN+ mobile app! The new, high performance, LEARN+ App is 100% feature complete. Anything a user can do on the web app, he/she can do on mobile.  And we do mean everything including Pre-Assessment, Lessons, Lab, Test Prep, PrepEngine, and Post Assessment.

Users can seamlessly log into the mobile app via scanning the QR code on the course dashboard on the web app. Users will not need to provide credentials on the mobile app to use the mobile app. 

Also, uCertify LEARN+ fully supports LTI integration. Therefore it is now possible for schools and colleges to configure schools LMS App so that students can single sign on (SSO) into uCertify LEARN+.

In addition, most of the learning can be done offline. Students can start learning on the web app, move to the LEARN+  and come back to the browser to continue learning without missing a beat (or performance and activity numbers).

uCertify LEARN+ is available on both iOS and Android.  

uCertify CREATE

Simplified Dashboard: We simplified the CREATE dashboard while making CREATE more powerful than ever. The simplified CREATE dashboard has the following for options, making it simpler to learn and use.

  • Setup
  • Design
  • Item bank
  • Student view

Simplified Design tools: We redesigned our design tools to help SMEs, IDs and Educators craft and configure courses to the perfection. The new Design Tools is much simpler to use while retaining the powerful features that users love. Also, students are now able to create assessments right in the design tools.

New Custom Assignments: Educators and IDs can now create custom assignments and deep-link them via placing an LTI link in their LMS.  This allows for a much simpler approach to creating the course of study and gradebook integration and syncing.

New workflow tools: Our new workflow tools allow users to define workflow/stages and assign resources to them. This flexibility allows remote teams to collaborate and deliver courses efficiently.

Simplified item editor: We rewrote the entire item editor to make it simpler to use without losing any powerful features. The new editor works seamlessly with user defined workflow and communication tools.

Enhanced diagnostic tools:  The new version of the uCertify’s automated course diagnostics tool is the result of hundreds of course quality reviews by our customers and by us.  This has resulted in a number of improvements in the diagnostic tools to help us catch possible quality issues  quickly and efficiently.


We have worked hard to relentlessly improve platform performance by analyzing  student behaviour, and usage patterns and optimizing caching strategies for better performance. Our schools should expect the following:

  • Enhanced security
  • 20% Better performance
  • 80% reduction in slow queries
  • 50% improvements in lab performance

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