uCertify Introduces The Mobile App Updates

Here are our mobile app updates for better learning experience:

1. Users can now attempt interactive item questions such as a terminal, hotspot image draw, dream machine, and hotspot text selected in the Mobile App.

2. If while going through the chapters or attempting questions in the mobile app the internet is disconnected, users will get a warning message. This also helps if the Internet is disconnected and the user is in the middle of some task.

3. Users can now also perform live-lab in the mobile app.

4. Earlier code formatting only worked on the web but now it also works on the interactive items of the mobile app.

5. The correct and incorrect parts of simulation questions are now visible in the explanation. 

6. If a user is attempting any test in the mobile app and the app is synced with a web app then the test can be continued with the web app.

Please Note: Users can attempt the test only on one platform, either mobile or web.

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