Planning and strategy are the holding pillars for any business or organization, the right plan can work as a boon for a firm while the wrong one can lead to massive destruction. So an appropriate course of action with the assisting strategy is a predominant ingredient to make your business grow and flourish. But here lies the dilemma of picking up the conventional certification course to assert that practical knowledge of creating and executing an upright plan. The perfect execution of such plans and strategies asks for a skill set that deals in a business dynamic world.

uCertify is offering ITIL 4 courses for different specialization, but if one asks for ‘learning and improving’ an IT organization with a strong and effective strategic direction, then the ITIL® Strategist – Direct, Plan, and Improve (DPI) course is the real deal maker. The course majorly focuses on risk management, measurement and reporting, portfolio management, continual improvement, and organizational change management. This course is accompanied by the agility to deliver continual improvements by following up on the practical and strategic elements. The course evolves a great understanding of the role of governance, risk, and control. It polishes the skill of integrating the principles and methods into the service value system, which ultimately results in better governance and growth. 

This course is well equipped with lessons, flashcards, assessments, and labs focusing on all major dimensions of the ITIL® Strategist – Direct, Plan, and Improve. The course facilitates a culture of continual discussion, direction, planning, and improvisation to work in the desired way and create effectively, high-performing IT and digital teams. The course establishes your roots for prominent roles varying up from change manager, capacity manager, IT operations manager, cloud architect, enterprise architect, service portfolio manager, service designer, risk manager, information security and compliance manager, cloud systems engineer, and others. So enroll yourself today to be an active participant in this planning focused field.

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