Learn Cryptography and Network Security with uCertify Course & Lab

uCertify has recently introduced the Cryptography and Network Security course which provides expertise in the fundamental principles of security, encompassing both information and network security. The course first looks at a number of the elemental principles of security, encompassing both information security and network security. These include the concepts of security attacks, security services, and security mechanisms. Next, the course introduces the 2 areas of cryptography and network security. Finally, the concepts of trust and trustworthiness are examined.

Learn Cryptography and Network Security with uCertify Course & Lab

Cryptography is an important information security tool. It covers the four important services of data security −

Authentication − Cryptographic techniques like MAC and digital signatures can protect information against spoofing and forgeries.

Data Integrity − Cryptographic hash functions are playing an important role in ensuring users about data integrity.

Confidentiality − Encryption techniques can guard knowledge and communication from being accessed and revealed.

Non-repudiation − The digital signature provides the non-repudiation service to protect against the dispute which will arise thanks to denial of passing messages by the sender.

All these fundamental services offered by cryptography have enabled the conduct of business over the networks using the pc systems in a, particularly efficient and effective manner.

The uCertify Cryptography and Network Security course comes with interactive lessons, labs, and testprep. Lessons support 40+ interactive activities embedded throughout its course which include, smart chat, 3D animations, drag and drop, connect the idea, and more. Labs have real computer equipment, networked together, and conveniently accessible over the internet using virtualization and comes with autograding. TestPrep provides full-length practice tests that can be configured to closely follow the exam objectives and are designed to simulate real testing conditions.

 Upon course completion, you gain knowledge of:

  • Information and Network Security Concepts
  • Symmetric Ciphers
  • Asymmetric Ciphers
  • Cryptographic Data Integrity Algorithms
  • Cryptographic Key Management and Distribution
  • User Authentication

So, learn and gain expertise in Cryptography and Network Security with uCertify.

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