Top Trends In Project Management To Follow In 2020

Every year, significant changes take place in the society, environment, politics, technology, and business. And these changes cause new trends in project management.

As a project manager, you should have a good understanding of where the industry is heading. You should be aware of emerging trends and be ready to follow them. Here you will find the top five trends in project management that you can’t overlook in 2020.

Top Trends In Project Management To Follow In 2020

1. Development Of Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology is shaping the landscape of project management. Experts suggest that in 2020, the use of AI technology will lead to the automation of many administrative project management functions. It will help project managers to reduce their workload by 20-40% and gain much better insights into project risk and resource management.

As you know, it’s impossible to become an AI expert overnight. So it’s really important to train project managers on how to use new technology before incorporating new software.

2. Increased Importance Of Soft Skills

In a technologized world, “humanity” is still important. So now companies appreciate soft skills even more than they did before.

“As we can see, business projects become more complex and sophisticated, and project managers start to collaborate with broader groups of stakeholders. To overcome challenges and complete the projects successfully in 2020, managers should master the art of influence and acquire soft skills,” says Brain Prescott, the CEO of WowGrade.

3. The Rise Of Customized Project Management Approaches

The changing business environment affects the project management world a lot. New technologies and new laws appear every day, and it’s getting more and more challenging to keep business projects on track.

“Since project managers struggle to keep up with the pace of change, demand for customized project management tools will increase. In 2020, we will see how software that prioritizes flexibility to changes will win the market,” says Natalie Vargas, a project manager at SupremeDissertations.

4. Cybersecurity

Experts predict that the application of online platforms and digitization in project management will significantly increase in 2020. And, as a result, data security will become the biggest issue. 

To ensure cybersecurity, companies should start using the most advanced project management software. This is the only right way to guarantee user data privacy. 

5. The Rise Of The Gig Economy

The gig economy is growing three times faster than the US workforce as a whole, and it influences project management a lot. Today, most project management teams consist not only of full-time team members but also freelance workers.

It means that project managers face a whole new set of challenges in time, people, and task management. To overcome these challenges, team leaders should choose software focused on workflow automation and optimization of team communication.

Now you know what trends to expect in 2020. So you can start making a plan on how to adapt your project to change and lead your team to success.

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