Things to practice for Adobe test 9A0-058

The Adobe Flash CS3 exam measures your knowledge and expertise in Flash CS3. Before taking the 9A0-058 exam, you should practice the following:

  1. Effectively use Libraries, Timelines, Buttons, MovieClips, Text, Symbols and Instances, and Sound in Flash movie.
  2. Use dot syntax notation.
  3. Create and use custom classes.
  4. Use the Debugger.
  5. Apply filters on movie clips and text.
  6. Use Core Classes that include Array, Boolean, Date, Math, Number, String, TextField, MovieClip, LoadVars, Color, XML, Error, SharedObject.
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  8. Use Flash UI Components that include Accordion, Alert, Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, DataGrid, DataHolder, DataChooser, DataField, Label, List, Loader, MediaController, MediaDisplay, MediaPlayback, MenuBar, NumericStepper, PopUpManager, ProgressBar, RadioButton, RadioButtonGroup, ScrollBar, ScrollPane, TextArea, TextInput, Tree, and Window in ActionScript 3.
  9. Integrate the Flash movie with WebService, WebServiceConnector, XML, XMLConnector, LoadVars, Flash Remoting, DataSet, Binding, XUpdateResolver, RDBMSResolver and DeltaPacker.
  10. Create dynamic text boxes (HTML text formatting, call an external text file (loadVars), input text boxes/create forms, Serif vs. San serif, text components, scroll, tab, Relative vs. Absolute scaling effects, Alias vs. Anti-aliased).
  11. Use basic actions: stop, gotoAndPlay (Stop), getURL, loadMovie.
  12. Attach ActionScript to timelines.
  13. Create basic actions such as stop, gotoAndPlay (Stop), getURL, and loadMovie.
  14. Define events.
  15. Create timeline defined events.
  16. Load data from external sources.
  17. Create sound completion event.
  18. Create and export custom components.
  19. Work with Movie Clip properties.
  20. Use frame labels.
  21. Use 3D elements.
  22. Work with Onion Skinning.
  23. Work with layers.
  24. Create a Video object.
  25. Create animation with tweening: Shape and Motion.
  26. Create frame-by-frame animation.
  27. Create animation with ActionScript.
  28. Work with Keyframes, blank keyframes, frames, etc.
  29. Scale, rotate, and translate objects and instances.
  30. Publish Flash applications (Publish Settings formats- Flash, HTML, GIF, JPEG, Mac/ PC projectors (executables)).