Vanderson Marques Reviewed Our CompTIA CySA+ Course

Vanderson Marques is a Global – IT Operations Engineer at Santander Brazil. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of information security. Vanderson’s field of expertise includes cybersecurity, windows server, database, and troubleshooting. He can also work with tools and technologies like Android, servers, firewalls, and VMware. Vanderson holds various IT certifications including: 

  • Data Modeling Course
  • Ethical Hacking Essentials
  • Cloud Security Foundation
  • Malware Defense Specialist
  • Scrum Fundamentals Certified
  • Information Security Specialist
  • CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Computer Forensics Foundation
  • NSE2 Network Security Associate
  • NSE3 Network Security Associate
  • International Agile Test Foundation
  • Microsoft Network and Server Security
  • Information Security Awareness – Advanced

He has recently reviewed our CompTIA CySA+ course and provided his valuable feedback. Please read it here:

Vanderson Marques Reviewed Our CompTIA CySA+ Course

The CompTIA CySA+ course is designed for students with some experience in the field of information security and want to take their career to the next level. The CompTIA CySA+ course & lab completely cover CS0-001 exam objectives.

The course is equipped with interactive learning tools such as flashcards, quizzes, glossary terms, and practice tests. I would highly recommend it to anyone preparing for the CompTIA CySA+ certification exam.” 

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Thank you, Vanderson, we are glad to have your honest and valuable feedback on our course. 

To know more about Vanderson Marques, contact via his LinkedIn profile.

Cybersecurity and Its Importance – Explore uCertify and Find Out Why?

Devices and strategies for hacking have expanded as the web has developed and it is currently much easier to exploit a business or an individual this way. These devices are intended to exploit vulnerabilities in the computer systems or servers. Compelling cybersecurity isn’t really about securing a system, as most hackers would not endeavor to threat a system rather they will focus on a website or a server. Getting into the networks is more annoying for hackers, as most people and organizations have a firewall set up which are difficult for hackers to enter. A cyber attack is a planned attack on PC frameworks, technology-dependant systems, and networks. Attackers employ malicious code and programming to change PC code, logic, or information which cause the problematic results that can compromise information & data and prompt cyber attacks, such as data and identity theft.

Cybersecurity and Its Importance - Explore uCertify and Find Out Why?

Importance of Cybersecurity in the majority is because the organizations can cause tremendous fines for neglecting to ensure and handle information security adequately. Cyber assaults could irreparably harm your business, so security should be your best requirement. The data is one of your most valuable assets, yet often one of your commonly vulnerable. So it’s completely critical you utilize the right system to deter a security breach from happening. You can reach beyond with a unified system that utilizes mechanization to consequently cut down on the cost of your business forms. Past these fundamental components, utilizing IT experts in the realm of Cybersecurity will enable you to stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

Are you excited about starting your career in the field of cybersecurity? There are a lot of Cybersecurity certifications such as CompTIA CySA+, Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops, and many more that will help you gain all the required skills. uCertify offers the comprehensive course for the certification exams that will help you prepare for the CompTIA CySA+ and SECOPS exams.

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