Shyamlal T Pushpan Reviewed uCertify’s Latest CompTIA A+ Course

Shyamlal T Pushpan has 22+ years of experience in the IT training and consulting industry. He is currently working as a Corporate Trainer and Consultant for VMware and Nutanix Solutions as well as Government and non Government organizations in VMware Virtualization and Microsoft networking. He is a technology blogger, tech evangelist, and trainer for various engineering colleges and polytechnic colleges. He has won MVP, the prestigious award from Microsoft for contributions to the IT industry for 10 years. Recently he reviewed uCertify’s CompTIA A+ Core Series course and provided the following feedback:

uCertify CompTIA A+ course review

uCertify CompTIA A+ course is the perfect study material for candidates preparing for its certification exam. The course provides hands-on experience to work with motherboards, processors, memory, network services, cloud computing, virtualization, mobile operating systems, and more.

The course is based on CompTIA A+ certification exam objectives and offers interactive learning resources such as flashcards, quizzes, glossary, knowledge checks, connect the idea, and many more. I recommend uCertify to everyone preparing for the IT certification exam.”

To read the complete post, please click here. You can also checkout the review on his blog.

Thank you Shyamlal for your valuable feedback!  It really feels rewarding when we get such customer feedback.

To know more about Shyamlal, you can visit his LinkedIn profile.

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