Prepare for Management Information Systems- uCertify’s MIS Course

Management Information Systems (MIS) is the utilization of data innovation and business procedures to record, store, and process information to create data that decision-makers can use to settle on everyday decisions. More or less, MIS is a gathering of software, hardware, methodology, and individuals that all work together to process, store, and create data that is valuable to the association. In any association, a significant share of the time goes in gathering information, processing, recording and communicating it to the people. Subsequently, a vital segment of the overheads goes into this sort of work in the organization which shows the importance of Management Information Systems in the present world. uCertify provides the Management Information Systems (MIS) for the Information Age course that provides the students with knowledge of changing the face of business, major business initiatives, databases and data warehouses, analytics, decision support, and artificial intelligence, and much more.

Prepare for Management Information Systems MIS - uCertify's MIS Course

The Management Information Systems (MIS) course offers the following resources:

  • 24+ Lessons
  • 585+ Flashcards
  • 585+ Glossary Of Terms

The Management Information Systems (MIS) course covers the following topics and concepts:

  • Programming in Excel with VBA
  • Programming in Excel with VBA
  • Building Websites with Frontpage
  • Decision Analysis with Spreadsheet Software
  • Decision Analysis with Spreadsheet Software
  • Implementing a Database with Microsoft Access
  • Electronic Commerce: Strategies for the New Economy
  • Systems Development: Phases, Tools, and Techniques
  • Designing Databases and Entity-Relationship Diagramming
  • Protecting People and Information: Threats and Safeguards
  • Major Business Initiatives: Gaining Competitive Advantage with IT
  • Emerging Trends and Technologies: Business, People, and Technology Tomorrow
  • Databases and Data Warehouses: Supporting the Analytics-Driven Organization

Get yourself enrolled in uCertify Management Information Systems (MIS) for the Information Age course and become an expert in changing the face of the business by planning, coordinating, and directing all computer-related activities and help determine the company’s information technology goals.  

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