Tableau made it easy and intuitive to visually interact with data. Now, it is simple to be hands-on with the data, to receive instant visual feedback with every action, and to ask questions and uncover insights in a natural flow of thought and interaction. Tableau continues to evolve and expand in ways that make seeing and understanding data easier and more powerful. New features such as geospatial support, set actions, and new statistical models expand the analysis that is possible. Transparency, new color palettes, density maps, and formatting options greatly enhance the visual story you can tell. The introduction of Tableau Prep brings the same instant feedback to data prep and cleansing that Tableau Desktop brought to data visualization.

uCertify introduces Learning Tableau 2019 course

In the Learning Tableau 2019 course, we will look at Tableau through the lens of understanding the underlying paradigm of how and why Tableau works in the context of practical examples. And then we will build on this solid foundation of understanding so that you will have the requisite tools and skills to tackle even the toughest data challenges. This course is for anyone who needs to see and understand their data. From the casual business user to the hardcore data analyst, everyone must have the power to ask and answer questions of knowledge. Having a touch of background with data will certainly help, but you do not get to know scripting, SQL, or database structures. Whether you are new to Tableau or are using it for months or maybe years, you will gain a solid foundation for understanding Tableau and possess the tools and skills for advanced mastery of the tool. The course does not assume any specific database knowledge, but it definitely will help to have some basic familiarity with data itself. 

Are you also interested in learning Tableau? Enroll in our course today and be an expert in Tableau with uCertify!

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