iOS vs. Android Development: Which One You Should Go For?

iOS vs. Android Development: Which One You Should Go For?

There are a lot of advancements taking place in the field of mobile app development that can be seen with the increased number of apps in your apps store. App developers are creating the latest software applications for mobile devices which you can easily find at Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. Mobile developers are developing different types of applications for numerous operating systems like a native, Android or iOS. With all of the variations in the operating systems, selecting which OS to learn is the most critical thing for a professional starting career in the field of mobile development.

Mobile development is the fastest-growing domain in the software industry, full of opportunities and freelance job possibilities. Mobile development and the job of the mobile developer is changing all the time, with updated versions of operating systems (OS), new devices, and new technological capabilities. The most popular operating systems are Android, iOS, and Windows. Currently, iOS and Android have taken over the majority of the mobile industry. According to recent stats, the two platforms acquire 97% of the total market. With such huge audiences, iOS and Android offer plenty of opportunities for the professionals seeking a career in either OS. Some mobile developers want to learn both operating systems to diversify their skill sets.
Time to compare both the operating systems on the basis of some technologies such as development, design guidelines, fragmentation, publishing, and restrictions.

In terms of development, both the OS are almost equal. If you want to develop for both iOS and Android using the official methods, then you’re going to have to install two IDEs, learn two programming languages, get to grips with two SDKs and learn various APIs. In other technologies, in few Android is better and in some iOS is. So, it is quite difficult to draw any conclusion, therefore, you should go for the technology you find more interesting with uCertify, the online learning platform that provides all the learning solution and suits your requirements. You may also check prestashop vs magento compatition for more clarity.

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