Adobe has recently launched Flex 4 exam (9A0-129) that is an upgrade to its older version of Flex 3 (9A0-082). Adobe Flex 4 ACE provides a vast range of facilities to its users, such as allowing a user to choose different containers and layout managers to lay out contents, and uses different types of panels and windows. Adobe Flex 4 ACE includes few new features, such as NumericStepper, Group, SkinnableContainer, Spark skins, Spark view states editors, renderers, two-way binding, explicit and implicit getter and setter, etc.

For being Flex 4 ACE Certified, you must pass a challenging exam that contains 59 multiple-choice questions.  Adobe is offering this Flex 4 ACE Exam in $150.

Candidates who have already Flex 3 certification and want to upgrade their skills by taking Flex 4 ACE exam for those Adobe is also offering 50% exam discount. Candidates can use the UPGRD discount code when registering for the Flex 4 exam.

uCertify has launched Practice test to help you easily pass your Adobe Flex 4 ACE exam (9A0-129). This 9A0-129 practice test contains 226 practice question with 103 study notes. This 9A0-129 practice test is backed by 100% money back guarantee.

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Get 50% exam discount on upgrading your Flex 4 ACE exam

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