As the amount of data required by the businesses is increasing, the challenges in digital data management are becoming more complex. IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification allows IT professionals to structure and implement an IT service management strategy. ITIL management enables collecting, analyzing, and distributing data by following time-tested methodology. Businesses are realizing the benefits of ITIL management so, the requirement for ITIL certified professionals is increasing as well in almost all business sectors including education, e-commerce and healthcare, and more.

ITIL Certification

ITIL’s best practices are very useful for managing business effectively. Here are some of the benefits of earning an ITIL certification:

  • Certified candidates gain the ability to identify, plan and support the IT services in a business. This results in increased productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in the organization.
  • The certification provides skills to focus on customer requirements and user experience rather than spending too much time on technological issues.
  • ITIL improves employment prospects with a better pay scale.
  • The certification teaches how to increase business productivity effectively.
  • It helps to identify and focus on the highest value activities to grow the organization.

According to the latest survey conducted by global knowledge, candidates get the following increase in salary on adding an ITIL certification to their existing certification:

Certifications Salary
Cisco USD 83,113
Cisco + ITIL USD 96,446
CompTIA   USD 83,406
CompTIA + ITIL USD 92,924
Microsoft USD 90,346
Microsoft + ITIL    USD 99,497
Project Management USD 105,539
Project Management + ITIL USD 116,967
Security USD 105,807
Security + ITIL USD 110,798

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